10+ Best Italian Kitchens From Snaidero Ideas

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As one of the leading designers in Italy, Snaidero has been known for a long time with his sophisticated creations. Italian kitchens of Snaidero comes with every detail to meet the needs of chef homes. Many of his collections, including Skyline 2.0, become big hits in Italy and create new trends in the country.

One of the main characteristics shown in Snaidero collection is that it is specially designed to work with your movements in your cooking space, much for your convenience and efficiency. Inspired by the kitchen designs of Snaidero that mainly provide you more space to move, appliances, and refrigerators into the wall. Not only allowing you to free space, but it is also for the stylish measure.

Another inspiration comes from Snaidero kitchens is the exposed shelving. This makes it possible for you to grab ingredients in a much easier way. Not only that but the exposed shelving can also improve your kitchen design. It will allow you to let your spice containers and meals to add colors to your cooking space. To create a kitchen design inspired by Snaidero’s style, you can also install a stainless steel countertop there. It is not only functional, sturdy, and durable but also easy to clean. This stainless steel countertop style of Snaidero will gleam in a way that Formica or other standard tiles can’t.

The Snaidero kitchens will be a great idea for everyone who wants to have a cooking space with a more subdued look. The designer also uses colors that move away from the yellows to reds, making the kitchen design looks fantastic. The design also comes with concrete gray to give contrast to the kitchen and keeps things cool. To embrace the Italian kitchens based on Snaidero’s version, you also need to consider using modern lines. This will help you to strengthen the modern look that is often seen in Snaidero’s kitchen design.

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