10+ Inspiring Gusto Italiano Kitchen Designs

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There are so many kitchen designs that we can choose now for us to apply in our home kitchen. These designs have their characteristics. If you like the atmosphere and modern models, then you can choose a kitchen design in which is full of sophisticated technological tools and modern appearance.

But, if you prefer kitchen designs that are simple, simple, classic, and also full of artistic value, then a European style kitchen design is the right choice for you to choose. One of the European styles available for kitchen design today is the Italian kitchen design style. In addition to prioritizing its main function as a kitchen, the design of this Italian kitchen style also wraps it with attractive art styles in it.

The distinctive style is a hallmark of Italian-style kitchen design. The distinctive style here can be seen from the various equipment in the kitchen as well as some motif patterns in the decoration. These patterns can be directly seen on the ceramic floor of the kitchen floor, or wall. Besides, the characteristics can also be shown in the use of certain colors in it.

The use of natural or semi-finished materials – Italian-style kitchen designs often use a variety of natural materials and are also deliberately used in a semi-finished form, rather than making them whole. Because this also makes it a characteristic and also the concept of returning to nature.

Light is also the most important element in the kitchen. Today the model of the Italian kitchen is not only traditional but also modern. Surely this is the result of the artworks of artists who design kitchens in a modern context, of course. The traditional model utilizes a portion of sunlight as its light. While the modern model itself relies on lights as its light.

If you are interested in other Italian-style kitchen designs, you can see various other examples and models below.

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