10 Lovely The Airy and Welcoming in NYC

The airy and Welcoming Home in NYC can become one of the inspirations for you who want to have a perfect home too. This home is designed by Erin Fetherston and her husband. They really appreciate the artistry, and want to add arts in all parts of their home. They try to make their dream comes true by making a home that shows their personality and fulfills their demand too. Fetherston and Saporta then transform an old home to become a dream home for their small family.

The airy and Welcoming Home in NYC is made to anticipate a baby. It is important to create a comfy home not only for Fetherston and her husband, they need to think to make their baby feel comfortable in the home. She tries to redesign their home, so it will become a great place for her husband, baby, and herself.

Fetherston is an expert in style and her husband is an expert in music. Her husband is a musician. The goal of a perfect home is to combine both art, and also music in their home. They both love fun styles, and they can combine all things in a perfect way. We need to look at the interior of their home.

In the interior of their home, we can find the use of bright colors in most parts of their home. We find the bright color of the wall and the bright color of furniture too. They apply sparkling white color too to paint the wall and also the ceiling. As we know bright color is a great color to make the home looks clean and large.

You can combine all furniture items and wall arts in an easy way when you apply the bright color of the wall too. Adding perfect lighting for the living room is also great to make all things look perfect. You can check more ideas of the airy and Welcoming Home in NYC from some sources.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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