105+ Marvelous Living Room Designs with Bohemian Style

A living room is a public room at a house. It is the room where you greet your guests. So, it is quite important to design a living room as decorative as possible. One of the interior designs that is suitable to be applied in a living room is the Bohemian style. Bohemian style was popular in the 60s and it is identical to gypsy.

This interior design is very unique. It can instantly make your living room look attractive. This interior design is unique because it is irregular. It combines a bunch of various colors and patterns. But it does not mean you can carelessly do so to bring the style.

If you already use a lot of accents and patterns, it will be better to avoid using wallpaper or many colors on the walls. As the basic color, you can paint the Bohemian living room walls white. But if you want to make it look sweet, you can paint one side of the walls with another color. For example, Tosca or light yellow.

For the furniture, you can opt for a sofa that you can decorate with the Bohemian style. Complete your sofa with tribal-patterned cloths or the ones with the Middle East patterns. But if you want to keep the sofa plain, you can just add patterned cushions to bring the Bohemian style.

In order to get the typical Bohemian style, try to have old furniture or vintage living room furniture. For the final touch, sweeten the look of your Bohemian living room with Bohemian accessories. There are many options that you can have, such as colorful rugs or patterned carpets. Or, you can opt for ethnic statues, abstract paintings, or fresh plants. So, are you ready to design your living room with the Bohemian style?

Image Source : pinterest.com

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