15+ Exciting The Villa That Offers Both Countryside And Modern Living

Some so many people choose to stay at a modern villa. Villa is chosen as a place where people can feel relaxed and it can be a place to refresh your body and mind. One of the villas that are built with modern construction is located in France.

This villa is made by combining modern construction and rustic feel. We can find the artistic outdoor design of the villa that makes people love to stay inside of this villa. In the outdoor of this villa, we can find a beautiful landscape and there is an impressive deck too that attracts people’s attention.

What is the most important thing that we should do when we stay in the villa for a holiday? Most people will swim in the outdoor swimming pool. You don’t need to worry because this ultra-modern villa is completed with an outdoor swimming pool with a great backyard view and landscape.

After we check the outdoor design of this villa, you will be surprised with all things that you will get inside of this villa. In the interior design of the villa, you can find wooden floors that will not only add warmth to this villa but it offers a different ambiance. When you enter this villa, you can find a large dining table that attracts people’s attention. There is a pool table that is made with green and electric blue color.

The other thing that attracts people’s attention in this villa is the use of white color in some of the elements in this villa. There is natural wood shade touch too in this villa and the combination of furniture inside of this villa makes people want to stay for a longer time. They feel like they are in their own home. There is a fireplace that will give a warm ambiance in the living room. It is a great place to gather with all family members and can be used as a playground for your kids too.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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