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If you love to have flowers around you it is a great choice to have calla lily around. Despite the name being among the family of lily, it is considered to be not exactly lily. The main reason for that is that this lily is capable of growing very well in just about any type of dirt. The only thing to pay attention to when having this flower around is that it should never be having too much water.

The gorgeous calla lily is known as an evergreen and a perennial plant with the proper water and the right temperature around. That makes it easy to handle to have and enjoy the beauty of the flowers upon the time of its blooming. A naturally dry habitat is not right for this flower though. Yet, it remains possible to grow it there with the proper care.

Calla lily offers some different colors that are all beautiful to look at. All of them are developed from a rhizome bulb with a unique final form of the flower. Since it is easy to grow, it is considered as one of the best choices for borders and beds in landscaping matters. In a small home garden, it is even possible to have it as the main attraction of the garden with greeneries around.

Back in the days, this kind of lily was associated with funerals. Later on, it grows into a choice for marriage occasions. With the rising popularity of having a home garden, the gorgeous calla lily is surely a decent alternative for beautiful flowers. Just make sure to replant it annually to maintain its level of beauty though. Other than that there is nothing too hard to do in growing and caring for this type of lily especially just for a small home garden.

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