16+ Simple Studio Apartments With Beautiful Design Ideas

Most apartments have limited space so you need to make the room more effective. Decorating a studio apartment design is challenging. What you need is creativity to utilize every part of the studio apartment. You can start to use the rest of the houses in your studio. Using furniture that has a multifunction can help to save space and the placement of objects that are more practical.

You can consider the size of your studio room. If your studio apartment has a high enough ceiling, you can build an attic to give more space to the room. Choose an area where you can place an attic on your studio apartment to create a comfortable and aesthetic element.
Decorating a studio apartment must be able to find a gap to be used. You can use the corner of the room and the wall in your apartment.

You can use the corner of your room as a place to work or you can provide a bench to relax. The corner of the room usually does not have too much difficulty to be designed. You just need to give a few touches such as providing accessories and placing the right furniture in studio apartemen design.

In addition, you can also add a hanging rack to place small items and some decorations for your room. Hanging racks can have two functions to place your equipment such as books, photo albums and some ornaments and the second function is to provide decoration for your apartment studio. You can also add fake ornamental plants or even original plants to make the room look fresher. If you choose original plants select those that can last a long time without water so that it will give you ease of care.

To make your studio apartment look more beautiful, you can place some decorations on your studio apartment design such as the use of feather towels to be placed in the main room and some motivational words that can be placed on a shelf or wall. More matching room colors will make the studio apartment more beautiful.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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