20+ Gorgeous Terrarium Party

Terrarium, have you ever heard that word? Well, if you’re quite a fan of biology science, you probably saw several of them during your school trip to a biology museum. Yeah, it is basically like an aquarium filled with some plants. For zoologists, they usually use terrariums by putting an animal such as lizards, chameleons, snakes, and many more along with the plants.

For botanists, they definitely only put plants inside. It is for scientific purposes for them. However, it can be a decoration as well, especially for a party. Because of that, in this article, we will talk about terrarium party decorations.

For a party, terrarium you might want to use will be different from what kind of terrarium they used. We talk about a dining table with a lot of food, drinks, and desserts. We don’t need a rectangular-sized terrarium filled with exotic plants and a chameleon inside for decorating a dining table.

What we need are small-sized terrariums to decorate and beautify the dining table. Remember what terrariums are, they are basically like a garden container for plants, but this one is made of glass instead of stone or plastic as the garden containers we know. Also, we only need smaller terrariums if we want to have a terrarium party. Smaller than a garden container to be exact, and the plants must be small and exotic as well.

What terrarium container we need is around a drinking glass-sized container. Actually, it will be best if you have spare drinking glasses that you can turn into terrariums for the dining table.

As for the summary, what we need in the terrarium party is different from what scientists need. We only need a drinking glass-sized terrarium. The best solution to get that is by using our fancy glasses if they are available.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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