20+ Smart Home Library Designs

For you who really love reading, having a home library is surely a dream. You will have a favorite corner to read your favorite books. If you are looking for designs to build your own library at your house, there are some that you can try.

For example, you can utilize an empty corner and turn it into a cozy reading corner. Have built-in shelves and dominate them in white. This home library design is suitable if you apply a minimalist concept to your interior design. The dominating white color will make the corner look more spacious. Moreover, your book collections will look contrasting with white.

Not only an empty corner, but you can also use one side of a room to build a mini library. Choose a standing lamp for the lighting and place a comfy rounded sofa near the bookshelf. This way, you can have a cozy place to do your reading hobby. Or, you can use the space under stairs that is mostly unused. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn the area into a small home library complete with a cozy reading corner. If you want to try this home library design, you can just place a comfortable carpet or fluffy rug as the seat.

You can also maximize the staircase wall as a location to display your book collections. This idea is suitable for you who look for an anti-mainstream design. This way, you can beautify the stair area because the library can also function as a wall decoration as well. You can paint the bookshelf with the same color as the wall or you can opt for contrast colors. If you have an attic at your house, the area can be a great alternative to have a home library. But make sure the light and air circulation are well.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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