20+ Wonderful Halloween Pool Party Decorating Ideas

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There is no better way than arranging a pool party to celebrate Halloween. This will be a great way to “spread” a creepy feeling while keeping the fun atmosphere. To create a spectacular Halloween pool party, the decoration will play an important role. Make sure to carefully pick up decorative items to make the party is enjoyable for everyone.

What about some mermaid skeletons having a good time in the pool? This will surprise everyone who comes to the party! Creepy skeletons chilling by the poolside will also be a brilliant alternative. To create a perfect backdrop, you can place jack-o-lanterns and candles around the pool. Don’t forget to use artificial smokes to create a spooky atmosphere in the party.

As Halloween is always identical with pumpkins, floating the veggies in the water will be a great idea to decorate your Halloween pool party. As an alternative, you can also use plastic pumpkins as decoration. Let the party attendants swim in the pool and have with the floating jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Think about the “bloody Halloween” theme to decorate your pool party.

You can fill in the pool with red-colored water to create a bloody pool. To create a creepy night during the party, you can also hang some goblins and ghosts just above the red-colored water. As an alternative, you can also float a zombie head in the bloody pool and then see the frightening effect resulted.

Speaking about the best Halloween pool party decoration, just don’t forget spooky things like parts of the dead human body. Floating glowing hands all around the dark swimming pool will look gorgeous for your party. You can also place a life-size Zombie prop near the pool steps that will create a spooky effect for everyone who comes to your party. To make it more fun, you can use a coffin-shaped pool float to serve chilled drinks and tasty foods for your guests.

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