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Having home with the New Bohemian Style is so popular now. Indeed, not many people know in detail what and how this design is applied so as to make the house look attractive and comfortable.

Bohemian style or known as ‘boho style’ is actually a typical style of the Hippies who were born in the late 1960s where they were present due to the Vietnam war that did not end.
Over time, the Bohemian style turned out to be an attractive home decor style. This concept is also very rich in the use of color, texture, and layered so that the three basic accents make the impression relaxed and carefree. How to realize this style in your home? Below are 4 ideas or tips among 25 Bohemian styles.

Unique Lights – Actually natural light is an important factor in this style. Applying a window with a large size can make maximum natural light entering. Because the boho style seems to be free-spirited and quite wild, it is important to integrate the outdoor atmosphere into the house.
Another tip is to use colored glass that can be a beautiful element during the day even at night. Colorful lights, lanterns with thick ethnic motifs, are the type most widely used for this concept.

Effect of Plants – A new bohemian style that has natural characteristics, will be felt when you put some living plants in some corner of your room. This not only sweetens the room but also gives a refreshing and cool feeling to the room.

The selected living plants are mostly ordinary plants that are small in size and do not require complicated care.

Accessories. – Another feature of bohemian style interiors is the use of unique knick-knacks such as colorful pillows. Pillows are the most widely used element. Other accessories that are often used are ethnic accessories such as sculptures, abstract paintings, dangling fabrics, knick-knacks flowering motifs, and tribal motifs.

Wall – The wall plays an important role in the bohemian style. Place unique decorations on the wall, for example hanging plates, trays, jars, or attaching magazine covers with a unique and thick look of bohemian motifs and nuances. We must be smart to arrange and play the composition of shapes and colors so that unusual objects do not look strange to look at.

You can give a bohemian touch to the wall by painting it like a chessboard (painted chest) or make a big picture that is quite striking, with vintage patterns or figures of the ancients.
This New Bohemian style is very unique and creative, right?

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