40+ Colorful Interiors With Connection Ideas

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Connected rooms can also be designed more modern while still providing comfort. To be able to make the room look more attractive even though it is connected, using the right color is the key. Interior with connection ideas can be designed in any style. Colorful interiors can be chosen to make the room have aesthetic value and look more beautiful. Choose pastel colors that can emit light with a softer and definitely more comfortable to look at. To make the colors more balanced, you can use matching colors for the design of the room.

Choose furniture with colors that match the concept. Use colors that can make each room have its own characteristics even with matching colors as an interior with connection ideas. You must be creative by using furniture. Choose simple furniture to make the room seem more spacious and not squeezed together. Simple furniture besides providing more space can make the room look more simple and clean.

Make sure each room has a different colored furniture but still in tune. You can combine furniture in one room with different colors, for example combining furniture in white, gray, black and ivory. For other rooms can adjust to the existing color. The colors of each room are different but still matching will reduce the effects of boredom or monotony in the room.

You can add accessories as a complement to the room from pillows to chairs, wall decoration such as paintings and photographs and flower vases. Use wall decoration that is not excessive so that the room does not look crowded. To make the room look fresher, the addition of greenery to the room can be the right idea. Plants will give a natural effect to the room. In addition, the provision of carpet can also be done to make the room look attractive. Carpet can also be used to connect between rooms directly.

Lighting in the room must be sufficient. The use of hanging lamps can also be used as accessories while providing additional lighting as interior with connection ideas.

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