45+incredible French Country Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

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One of many living room design ideas is to go for the French country style. It has its own characteristics that make it stand out. Any interior space finished in this unique decor style is always nice to look at without reducing the functional aspects of the space. At glance it looks really simple in bright yet classic tones. It incorporates wood as one of the main elements for the most authentic appeal of it.

In order to create an authentic French country appeal in any living room it is crucial to pay attention to the furniture items. Living room design ideas of French country style make use of distressed wooden finish of its items. Wooden chairs, tables, drawers, cabinets, and side tables are all okay to use as long as they are in distressed finish. It is possible to create the distressed finish out of any wooden furniture item.

It does not mean that all furniture items in French country appeal are expensive. There are affordable alternatives to get the look of it by making it at home. Buying used furniture items is also recommended for the sake of getting the classic appeal of French country style of the furniture items. Following the basics of living room design ideas in French country style, some small accentuating items are needed to boost the appeal even further.

Small details make it even better for a living room in French country style. Items like framed mirrors, unique vases, intricate chandeliers, and even patterned cushion covers are all among the perfect items for this decor style. Even just the handles of drawers will add the look of the decor when properly chosen. A properly done French country decor for the living room design ideas will lead to a tasteful appeal of any living room.

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