6+ Marvelous Bathroom from Pearl Baths Ideas

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There is no better way to get relax after a hard day than dipping yourself in a bath or enjoy freshwater all around your body under a shower. However, you can’t achieve it without a bathroom that is designed to meet your unique personal needs. This is how Pearl baths will inspire you with their fresh ideas of bathroom baths. For their latest collection, Pearl Baths combine traditional and contemporary ideas. The designs offered will make it possible for you to have a bathing space with rich textures and colors. They will help you improve the entire interior design of your house and bring it to a different level.

Get yourself inspired by the design of bathroom baths by Pearl Baths. Instead of using granite or marbles, you can use wooden boards to allow you to get a natural look for your bathroom. The wooden elements can also be seen on the window frames as well as the storage. For the tub, this bathroom design uses the one made of luxury ceramic in white. The ceramic walls also use neutral palettes such as white to add a luxurious touch to the bathing space. A white carpet put on the floor makes the room feels warmer and looks more inviting. Meanwhile, the large glass windows installed will make it possible for you to enjoy the outdoor views while soaking your body in the bath.

One of the popular designs of Pearl’s bathroom baths is an in-ground bathtub, much for your comfort. Not only beautiful and functional, but this bathtub design is also perfect for elderly people or kids. The in-ground bathtub itself is “planted” in the middle of the floor made of wooden boards. Just like the other designs of Pearl baths, this bathroom also uses earthy colors and natural elements. To strengthen the natural look of the bathing space, there is a small pond with lotus flowers floating on the water.

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