74+ Extraordinary Victorian Farmhouse Plans Design Ideas

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Some people love the Victorian design because it is considered to have its own uniqueness and high artistic value. When you apply this artistic design, you will be able to freely express yourself through patterns, colors, decorations, and more.

Since this design is related to something old-fashioned, it is mostly applied in farmhouses. But for those of you who do not really like old-fashioned things, do not be worried. You can combine Victorian design with a modern design. There are some characteristics about Victorian farmhouses. Here they are.

Note that a Victorian farmhouse is different from a classic farmhouse. Different from the classic design that uses dark colors, Victorian design mostly uses neutral colors, such as white and ivory. A Victorian farmhouse is also dominated by patterned curtains, wallpapers, and pillowcases. The most used patterns are floral patterns, foliage patterns, bird patterns, and butterfly patterns. The furniture in such a farmhouse is simple, slim, and high.

The term of gingerbread is often used to represent Victorian buildings because they are usually featured with complex wooden furniture. So, if you want to instantly bring Victorian design to your farmhouse, place big-sized wooden furniture. Then, combine it with brick walls or stone walls.

In order to accentuate the Victorian design, you can decorate your farmhouse with extra ornaments. Because the artistic design is far away from the minimalist concept. So, do not doubt to be all out. The Victorian design involves a lot of ornaments. So, you can try to place big curtains, patterned wallpapers, rugs, big hanging lamps, and so on.

You can also express yourself through brave colors, such as maroon, dark red, dark green, gold, and purple. To accentuate the fancy and elegant looks, opt for velvet materials. You can also combine gold with ivory. Are you interested to apply this artistic and fancy design?

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