9 Stunning Style in Simplicity

Since minimalist decor style has been one of the most popular design styles for the past decade, here we have some pictures of simplicity decor ideas. Besides, we have several tips on how to underline every item to make the simplicity the focal point.

Being fashionable and chic, even for a house, is not impossible. Other than that, it does not have always about complicated details, patterned focal points, or other cliché things. If some people seem to be done with minimalist decor style, here we will show you how to make minimalist decor style looks always exciting.

Just like other modern houses, you just need to bring in brightness in the room, especially if you use the room for interacting with household members. By letting in natural light inside your house, you need to encourage the distribution by using neutral colors.

Generally, you only need shades of gray and adding pastels for accent. However, if you do not want it to look too masculine, you can give a splash of soft pastels on the pillows, cushions, and other items that act as layers.

When it comes to simplicity decor ideas, you will also need to arrange an open floor concept. This is one of many ways you can try to make your entire house feels spacious and light. Every room can borrow lightings from the surrounding rooms. Using rugs with neutral patterns will help to determine the function of each room.

It is always interesting to pair simple yet minimalist shapes of furniture with patterned fabrics or the ones with textures like knit, wickers, and so on. In the picture above, we can see a coffee table made of a rustic-chic bench. Pairing minimalist style with the richness of other styles is also the key to simplicity decor ideas.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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