10+ Amazing Savoie Stable Turned Into a Luxurious Mountain Retreat

Purchasing yourself a retreat in the mountain sounds cool, right? Wanna hear about a thing that is cooler than that? Okay, it is buying a random property in a mountain and renovating it into a retreat. Yes, that makes it unique and different from other people.

What makes it unique is you can turn a 130 years old Savoie horse stable into a mountain retreat. It is fascinating, right? Literally, a horse stable turns into a building where we can live on the mountain. More than that, the retreat looks fancy and luxurious in its own way. Renovating something unnatural into something worthy is too unique.

Well, a horse stable is basically made of wood. Mostly to be exact. Also, it depends on who the previous owner built the stable during the past age. So, make your retreat using wood as well. What makes it antique is the stable is 130 years old, so there is a lot of woods you can reclaim and reinforce to make them sturdy.

Reclaimed wood is basically an antique wood that you can obtain from the old building, such as an old barn that was built by your great grandfather. This could make a great value for your mountain retreat because the woods you used to renovate the stable is literally antique.
For the design of the retreat, it depends on your choice and taste. You can design it by yourself if you’re quite creative enough as an architect. Also, you can hire a professional such as an architect to remodel and renovate the retreat.

As for the price, it is various. If you decide to build a mountain retreat by yourself, it is basically cheaper because you only have to spend on the materials. However, if you hire professional workers, then you have to pay a lot of money.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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