10+ Admirable Inside the Top-level Greenwich Hotel’s Penthouse owned by Robert De Niro

We have pictures of admirably Greenwich hotel’s penthouse that will draw your attention or even want to be there just for one or two nights. Living in a penthouse gives you a bunch of great things. Besides the location and height, a penthouse is generally a symbol of a luxury lifestyle. It gives you high-end appliances, luxurious flooring materials and systems, amenities, finest fitting materials, and so on.

The penthouse in this hotel may give you a different idea of luxury after all. Just like the picture above, we can see how simplicity and “old” look could bring a sense of luxury itself.
Why do living in a penthouse is favored by many people?

Well, a lot of things have made penthouses one of the most dreamed of living by everyone. Staying in a penthouse gives a person a contemporary lifestyle and a luxurious social status. In this case, if you rent the Greenwich hotel’s penthouse, you can get the privacy as you like while witnessing breathtaking views for your own.

The place is big so you have plenty of space to move or not to move at all. As its name suggests, the hotel is located in the heart of the city while offering serenity and privacy at the same time. Besides the stunning design, tons of facilities can be yours as you stay in this hotel.

Since the location is in the heart of the city, you can access various locations easily. Specifically, about the penthouse of Greenwich hotel owned by Robert de Niro, this place is the combination of industrial sense with Wabi aesthetic, a style from Japan. If you are looking for a place to stay for your tranquility without staying away from the style and easy access to civilization, you need to take a look at these Greenwich hotel’s penthouse pictures.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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