10 Luxury Masculine Apartment With Outstanding Design

Apartments with more space and provide comfort to the owner and guests can be realized with a luxury modern style. Many people who often come to the apartment means that they need more space. Using minimalist furniture can make the apartment room look more spacious. Choosing a sofa with a unique design can be a point in the room. Add some patterned pillows with a geometry shape. Masculine apartment usually uses neutral colors for the concept of the room.

To add a clean and charming impression, use wood elements in the walls and furniture in the apartment. The use of furniture must be considered with the area of the room. Choose a few small chairs to give more space to the room. Choose a small chair that is neutral in color. For wall decoration, choosing a few photo frames with motivational words can be the right choice. Choose several motivational frames with colors that match the basic colors of the room.

The use of a place for cables neatly mounted on the wall to the ceiling makes the special attraction for masculine apartments. The lights mounted on the walls and sky can be lighting as well as the right decoration to make the room not look monotonous. Additional pipes that are visible on the ceiling will also look cool.

Furthermore, the addition of a unique chandelier with a glass wrap gives a luxurious impression. Bright lighting from natural light entering the room obtained from the provision of windows with white curtains that increasingly emit more light from the outside. Bringing the impression of a refreshing nature can be chosen by adding plants to the room. Choosing a high shelf for the room can be the right choice to put objects such as books and small plants, antiques to give the impression of a more beautiful and practical room.

To give the impression of art to the room, giving an additional patterned floor can make the room more textured. For masculine apartments that must be considered is the use of minimal furniture with the right placement.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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