20+ Exciting The Playing Platform

Playroom for children can be designed with various styles. An interesting playroom wil make children happy also provides comfort for children. Simple and modern design gives the room more space, so that children can play freely. The use of furniture have to be more minimal and prioritizes furniture that has more benefits for children can be free to play in a spacious room on the playing platform.

The use of the right color with the right combination will affect the atmosphere of the room. Use bright colors to give a cheerful impression like using pastel colors. Apply neutral colors to the bottom of the room. Choose furniture colors that are similar in color, for certain furniture such as shelves use a slightly more dominant color to give a point to the room.

Choose furniture according to the needs for playing platform. Placing a large shelf will be more useful to hold many items such as books and stationery. Choose a shelf that fits the height of the children so they can easily pick up their items. To make children more comfortable in learning activities, adding a sofa to relax can be the right choice. Here children can also practice to make their handicrafts. For better results, use the rug to add beauty while giving the room a comfortable feel.

Add colorful artwork with additional decorations to suit the room. Add greenery to the room as decoration while giving beauty to the room. Some green plants will give a fresh and pleasant impression to the room. Choose small to medium sized green plants.

Choose natural lighting for the room by adding a large window. The purpose of this addition to the window beside making the interior more attractive, can also make light can enter more optimally. A room that has enough lighting will give a broader impression to the room which can be applied on the playing platform.

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