13+ Inspiring DIY Bootle Decoration For Your Home

Having lots of used bottles like soda bottles, wine and other bottles can be used to make beautiful and charming home decorations. You can give your creative idea to make this bottle have good artistic value.

Making vases from used bottles is one of the easiest creations to make. Actually there are many ideas for DIY bootle decoration produced from these used drink bottles. Recycling used bottles can also be used to reduce the amount of waste in more creative ways.

Making vases from used bottles can be the right choice to make your room more beautiful. Previously, used bottles could be wrapped in newspaper or other paper to give a characteristic to the bottles. If you want to make a used bottle look more glamorous, you can add glitter to the bottle. It’s easy, you can paint the bottle as a whole, after drying, give extra glitter to the part you want to give glitter to DIY bootle decoration.

Besides vases, using used drink bottles as lights becomes a unique and interesting thing to do. For easier insert tumblr lights into the bottle and get attractive lighting. Installing a candle to place in the bottle can be an interesting lighting that you might not have thought before.

There are other more interesting ideas for creating used bottles. You can paint used bottles according to the color you want and give paintings to bottles with a variety of images ranging from images of emoticons, flowers, favorite cartoon images and other images according to your creation.

In addition to pictures, making motivational words given to the bottle will motivate you and can beautify your room. Add accessories to the DIY bootle decoration to make the decoration on the bottle appear more embossed by providing additional fabric, feathers, small ropes, or ribbons that will make the bottle look more beautiful and attractive.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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