40+ Stunning Coastal Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Incorporating the concept of beach for home decoration can be an idea worth trying. Bringing the atmosphere of the beach at home will be fun. The beauty of the beach in the house with coastal farmhouse decor ideas can be applied in various parts of the house from the bed to the living room. The concept of coastal farmhouse will provide freshness to the house with beautiful beach elements.

To get the atmosphere of a coastal farmhouse using aqua colors or water colors such as blue, white, turquoise and green are great. This color tone is very soft to be applied in some rooms, especially bedrooms. Feel the cool atmosphere with the combination of these colors. Furthermore, to be able to provide a better coastal farmhouse atmosphere, provide natural lighting. Place the glass window to facilitate the light from outside to enter the room. The light entering the room will give a more spacious and clean impression to the room.

Wood is one of the elements in coastal farmhouses. Place wooden furniture such as tables and chairs with the addition of accessories that are identical to the sea ranging from shells, starfish, beachwood, seaweed and even decoration of beach sand. Woven fabric is usually also used as a base for a table that will create a beautiful blend of beach structures in the room and an element that must be present in coastal farmhouse decor ideas.

Woven fabric is also used for chair accessories. Adding rattan decorations can also be a good idea to decorate a table. Give decorations in the form of grass or flowers on the rattan for a warmer and romantic impression.

To get the coastal farmhouse design you want, you can make it yourself or DIY more easily. You can make decorations with shells placed in glass jars or stringing shells for room door decorations. In addition, you can make your own motivational words to be placed in the room. Making your own shelves made from wood can give the uniqueness of the room and be a good idea for coastal farmhouse decor ideas.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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