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Hospitality is the highlight of Southwestern culture. That’s also reflected in its decor ideas. If you visit houses within that area, you will see more or less similar theme: warmth, earthy, and natural. You will likely to see some desert elements incorporated in various parts of house. Of course, you can apply this decor style at house even if you do not live in the area.

The first thing you should focus on would be the color scheme. One main color theme for this type of style is earthy and natural color combination. As you can see, warm brown color is presented in many houses of this style. You might introduce it in the dining table, windowsills, or beautiful enamels spread throughout the room. Other colors that would usually be found in such room style are terracotta, subdued green, and off-white.

When it comes to Southwestern decoration style, you will soon realize the style is rich of textures and patterns. Thus, you should introduce those components in your decor. One key item that you would find in many houses within this area is vintage rug. You should add patterned rug to your room in order to enhance the feel. Add the patterned accent pillows and even tablecloth. You may choose geometric or tribal pattern as long as it is colorful.

There are other decorative items that you should add including wall arts and plants. In this example, you can see succulent shaped wall art made of thin wood piece. If you are decorating dining space in this decor style, you can also use the wall as place to showcase your printed mugs or heirloom tableware. That would add aesthetical values of the room. Plants that are usually found in Southwestern style houses are desert plants like succulents. Instead of using fake plants, you are encouraged to decorate your house with living plants.

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