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The Southwestern-style room has been in American cultural history since the country was established. The design itself comes from a mixed culture of Spanish and American traditions. It offers the homeowners warmness and fullness of energy that can be combined with modern style and contemporary decorative items easily. The style is so inviting and very pleasing to the eye.

The main compositions of this beautiful Southwestern design consist of woods and metal details. Types of woods such as oak, hickory, maple, pine, and cherry are commonly found in the Southwestern interior design. They are usually used in ceilings, windows, doors, floorings, and kitchen construction. Meanwhile, the metal compositions in this interior design are usually found in the furnishings, rack braces, cupboards, and surface arts. The combination of woods and metal compositions can add a luxury touch to the room.

To embrace the native Spanish and American belief, the best Southwestern decor ideas usually come with earthy and warm colors. In their tradition, the interior paint colors such as blue-green colors, yellow, orange, red, and gold are believed to have the power to protect the homeowners from evil spirits. However, the modern interior design sees these colors as a perfect option to add warmness to the room.

When it comes to the discussion of the wall’s textures in Southwestern decor, you will have nearly a limitless option to decorate them. If you want to imitate the way native Americans and Spanish build their walls, you can use certain materials such as stucco, adobe, or clay bricks to do it. As an alternative, you can use textured techniques to construct the walls and decorate them with some creative painting pieces. Meanwhile, aesthetic murals mainly found in native Spanish and American home decor can help you create an eye-catching focal point to your interior design.

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