5+ Lovely DIY Memory Jar Ideas to Keep The Best Memories

Keeping memorable pictures or items can be done in many ways. Instead of using common decorative items such as a photo frame, a glass jar can be a great alternative to take. You can even make your own DIY memory jar from an unused mason jar to keep the valuable pictures and items safe.

Not only simple and adorable but the jar can be decorated in many attractive ways. You can put lovely little terrariums in a glass jar and put a beautiful picture of your beloved ones in the middle part of the plants. This will allow you to create an optimum aesthetic impact in your interior design.

One of the memory jar ideas you can create at home is a mosaic mason jar. You can create it by using some faux rocks or broken seashells. Once you have finished with the arrangement, you can put a memorable item between the broken seashells. Don’t forget to prepare a twine and tie it around the jar’s mouth to make the jar looks more adorable.

Mason jar with blue platina is one of the best DIY memory jar ideas you can make. The blue patina uses to decorate the mason jar will allow you to add an antique touch to the item. It makes the jar looks odd but beautifully unique at the same time. This is one of the best places where you can keep your memorable pictures in style.

Placing a smiling picture of your beloved ones in a cool DIY memory jar snow globe will be perfect to bring the holiday season in your interior design. All you need to do place a small Christmas tree on a glass jar lid and secure it with glue. Pour some salt in the bottom of the mason jar and place a memorable photo on it. Then, just close the jar lid and flip it.

Image Source: Pinterest.com

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