30+ Amazing Bedroom Home Apartment Designs Under 60 Square Meters Ideas

Not all apartment types give you an opportunity to have a big bedroom design. Some of them even come with a small bedroom under 60 meters. A small bedroom indeed gives you some problems including how to arrange the furniture and items well.

But you should not worry since those problems are actually quite easy to overcome. The first solution is applying a kind of simple and minimalist home design. It is so good since a minimalist interior is one of the most popular interior designs currently. You can use Japanese interior ideas as references. How they smartly blend traditional senses and modernity into many incredible ideas.

In many Japanese bedrooms, natural elements like wood and bamboo are applied here and there. Not only for furniture but also those elements are for the wall or floor plates. The second idea is by applying soft and neutral colors to deepen the sleek and clean look. Colors like light brown, beige, or beige are recommended to apply together. Do you think having only those colors is monotonous? That’s great to apply the brighter ones like red or green. Use them as accents only, not to dominate the room.

Third, the glass and mirror elements are also saviors for a really small bedroom. A large glass window is really good so that you have more chances to see outside. On the other hand, the reflection of the mirror brings a larger effect in the bedroom. Sure, your bedroom needs to be decorated as well.

But you must choose well what kind of decorations are the best for it. To complement the minimalist interior mentioned above, some green houseplants are the best ideas. You can put some pots with mini bamboo plants if the Japanese style is what you prefer. Additionally, furniture items for the bedroom apartment design should not be too big mainly if it is a single bedroom.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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