35+ Good Minimalist Style Bathrooms Ideas

Designing a bathroom while there is only a small space available can be very challenging. Among the nearly limitless bathroom ideas you can find out there, perhaps, minimalist style is the most popular one. Yap! By keeping the use of furniture at a minimum but the storage at maximum, you will never go wrong with minimalist bathrooms.

However, there are also simple and easy tricks to double up the visual of your bathroom and improve its aesthetic look at the same time. Speaking about bathrooms with minimalist design, sticking to a natural palette is the first rule. This to avoid your bathroom looks bulkily. Using elegant white-and-gray penny tiles could be a perfect option to take. Pair them with stainless steel fixtures and black countertops. This will not only allow you to create contrast but also provide an adequate supply of natural light in your bathroom and for a streamlined approach.

As storage often becomes an issue in small bathroom design, you need to consider using multifunctional furniture to decorate the room. Make sure to maximize storage in minimalist bathrooms to allow you to get more free space and for easy movements. Using a tub in a bathroom with a minimalist style could create a big difference.

You can pick up an elegant bathtub with a palette of white and teak. This will make it possible for you to optimize the small space in your bathroom simply by creating sleek and practical storage just above the bathtub. As an alternative, you can use shower seating. It is not only functional but decorative and provides you more space to create storage.

When designing minimalist bathrooms, make sure to take lightings into account. The rightest lighting options will upgrade the design of your bathroom and makes it look more spacious. Find a great decorative mirror and put it in your bathroom to double the visual of the room.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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