7+ Cool Style Italian Kitchens from Scavolini Ideas

What comes up into your mind when discussing Italian kitchens? Smooth bend of lines and open cooking spaces might be one of the things included in the topic. Well, there is no better way to know about Italian kitchens than looking at Scavolini kitchens. They come with amazing ideas to inspire you designing your cooking space in Italian ways.

The “Regard Living” by Scavoliani will show you the fresher Italian kitchen with its open and multipurpose space. The design features doors, side panels, and other elements made of oak. The “Regar” kitchen of Scavolini will make it possible for you to combine comfort and convenience to create an outstanding continuity between your cooking space and living room.

“Colony” is another popular design of Scavolini kitchens. It comes with an amazing mix of classical Colony style and modern Easy Scavolini collection. The “Colony” design will offer you with everything needed by a home chef in their cooking area today. These include worktops, modularity, appliances, and storage that come in line with the rules in modern kitchens.

Embracing the Colony style, Scavolini uses a lot of traditional stylistic features like a framed door but in a simpler look. To meet the needs of modern people, the framed door also comes with no ornamentation or rounding to strengthen its simplicity.

Scavolini kitchens also come with “Tetrix” collection. The main characteristic of this collection is that improving the aesthetic values of the kitchen by eliminating horizons. Here, the designer focuses on finding all the compositional possibilities and plays with the elements on horizontal axes.

“Tetrix” collection also an innovative cooking space that is based on colors and modules. Bold colors like blue that combined with neutral colors of white or black are common to find in this “Tetrix” collection. The modern look of the kitchen can also be seen on the appliances used as well as the furniture and lightings.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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