43+ Simple Studio Apartment Decor Ideas

Living in apartment gives you freedom to decorate the room. However, it may be different story when you have studio apartment. Studio apartments commonly are not large. It does not give you full freedom in creating the decoration since you will not have many chances. In fact, you still can arrange your room. In this case, you can have some apartment decoration ideas. These ideas can provide you with good references, so you are able to make your room more comfortable.

The first important point is about windows. It is important elements when you can have windows. It will provide natural lights and it makes the room more comfortable. For the windows, it is important to give it full access. It is not recommended to close or block the windows. Even, it is good to become the center attention of the house, and then the decoration is made based on the decoration. Regarding the furniture, it is not necessary to have complicated furniture. A large sofa, bed, and cabinet with television on it are enough. This can become simple yet nice option of apartment decor ideas.

When the space is not large, you will have problem in adding some kinds of furniture. It will be hard to arrange them. However, it will be different story when your studio apartment has high ceiling. It can be arranged so you will have bedroom on the ceiling. The bed can be installed and attached on the wall of ceiling. It will provide additional space and you may add stairs.

Moreover, you can have double duty sofa. This is also multifunction idea. Sofa can provide double functions. During the leisure time, you and your friends can sit comfortably on the sofa. When you need to sleep, it can be turned into the sleeping bed. By having this double duty furniture, you will save the space and the remaining space can be useful spot for other area. Surely, you will not regret for considering these as the apartment decor ideas.

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