40+ Attractive Modern Mediterranean Living Room Decorations

If you are interested with Mediterranean style for your living room decoration, note that it is distinguished with special detail of color and element. Basically, there are two types of Mediterranean style: Greek and Italian. The Greek one is identical with wood furniture and snow-white as the basic color with terra-cotta and blue-yellow color in coherence, while Italian type combine wood, stone, and hammered elements furniture.

Whichever the type you choose for your modern living room, implementing large windows emphasizes the Mediterranean interior style. Well, this style seems to be not appropriate for small spaces and cannot deal with tightness. Try to build one or two windows to create a view to your garden or terrace.

Apply natural materials to the living room or if you cannot use the real one, use imitation materials will also work. For example, you can choose ceramic tiles with natural pattern and color or use artificial stones instead of using real stones. For the wall, the use of wallpaper is unacceptable in Mediterranean style. Just paint your wall with light or natural colors then cover it with texturized plaster.

Strengthen the taste of Mediterranean style by using natural colors in your living room, but instead of white, it is better to use colors of sun and sea like light terra-cotta, bright yellow, light-blue, turquoise, cobalt, light green, sandy, azure, or citrine. Apply the colors to the furniture as well. These colors represent a modern living room style very well.

Choose mainly wooden furniture to highlight this style such as armchairs and sofas with hammered elements. Put a high buffet, book case, or shelve stand along the wall. If it is possible, build a fireplace to complete the Mediterranean living room decoration or just set electric chimney to replace it. Make sure to put all the furniture with some distance from one to another.

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