8+ Amazing and Fun DIY Projects with Felt

Felt is a beautiful material that you can use to make various DIY projects. Because this material is available in a lot of pretty colors. By using felt, you can make so many useful items. For example, a pencil case just like the picture above. If you want to have a pencil case that represents your personality or you want to make one for your kids, you can make it from felt. All you need is a zipper, felt, and sewing skills. Or, you can also create wall decorations. For you who want to have a unique decoration at your house, try to make one by using felt.

Use some felts in various colors, then cut them into certain shapes you want. You can even make 3D decorations with this material. You just need to stack pile them up to do so. The next DIY project that you can make with felt is a pillowcase. Creating pillowcases with felt will make them look even more decorative. You can use the quilting technique to make 3D pillowcases. You can place the pillowcase in the living room or bedroom as a functional and decorative element. Make sure the pillowcase matches with the interior design of the room.

Do you want something more challenging? Then, you can try to make a curtain by using felt. With a felt curtain, you can increase the aesthetic value of your interior design. A curtain that is made from felt is very suitable for a shabby chic interior design. You can also use it for other interior designs. Just make sure the curtain does not ruin the interior design by choosing the right colors. If you have a lot of spare time during the quarantine, you can try to make one of these DIY projects made from felt.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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