35+ Extraordinary Minimalist Bathroom Remodel Ideas on A Budget

The minimalist trend for both interior and exterior design is getting more and more popular these days. The calming and pleasing qualities that carried by minimalist style are what makes it favorable for many people, not to mention that it’s almost applicable to all parts of the house, including the bathroom. Minimalist bathroom style provides the clean look due to the uncluttered environment that breath simplistic feeling.

Because of how important bathroom is, a lot of people are looking for bathroom remodel ideas to incorporate into their house. The fact that bathroom often collects things and whatnots is probably what makes people attracted to apply minimalist style to it. No more tossed tooth brushes inside a cup next to the sink, unorganized hair and body care products, or half empty bottles on the edge of bathtub.

The minimalistic design offers simple and sleek look, creates a distinguishable aesthetic without sacrifices the functionality part. Take a peek at various ideas of minimalist bathroom below if you plan to reconstruct the one that you own. The possibility to mix this certain style with another, such as luxurious or industrial ones, haves endless options that you can mix and match.

There are many bathroom remodel ideas that you may copy on different parts of the room such as the tile, wall, mirror, and many more. For example, painting and keeping the bathroom in neutral palette color could make it feels more open and lighter. Keeping the clutters away is the key to achieve the simplicity and cleanness. Another idea is adding texture only in particular space as an accent, such as wood tiles or concrete wall against white surroundings in your bathroom. You also have to eliminate things that serve absolutely no purpose. Even small and insignificant things like soap bottle have to function effectively and while serve the looks beautifully

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