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Georgian style was a popular decorating style back then in England. Here we will show you the pictures of the stunning Georgian style decorating ideas. Today, you can still decorate your house with this style.

However, there are several aspects you need to take a closer look in the first place. The style itself was highly influenced by other styles back then. You can feel the Rococo, NeoClassical, oriental art, French aristocratic, and Gothic revival styles at once.

Many designers and architects agree that Georgian style is dominantly found in France with high influence from Rococo style. Later, this style occupies the Palladian style which implements symmetry and straight lines combined with a sense of gothic. Even though there are many ways you can get through to get this look, you can start with the wall.

Georgian style decorating ideas can be strongly felt through the wall because you need to divide your wall into three sections. The bottom part would be paneled with woods, the center part of the main part is wrapped by fabric panels or wallpaper, and the third part is where cornice, frieze, and picture rail take a place. You can hang some wall artworks in the center part of the wall. Other than that, do not forget to choose the color scheme.

Georgian style commonly uses toned-down colors like pale green, grays, browns, pale blue, olive, and also whites. Richer colors are allowed but mostly those are muted. Today, it is not impossible to pair a Georgian style with a modern style. It makes the entire scene looks contemporary and nice without leaving the historical feeling alone.

Besides, bring as much light as possible inside the room. Bringing in a fireplace in the living room would make a strong sense of Georgian style. For more interesting information about Georgian style decorating ideas, please check the pictures below.

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