80+ Stunning Japanese Zen Gardens Landscape for Your Inspirations

If you are into garden landscaping, you will know there are many landscape styles out there. One of the most popular one is Zen garden from Japan. This garden promotes serenity and balance in the nature. You would want to spend hours just enjoying your time in this garden. It will clear and refresh your mind. There are some interesting landscape samples that you might be able to use as inspirations for your own garden.

In the first sample, you can see that there is combination of rocks and vegetation. There are flat river stones used as pathway that will lead you from one end of the garden to another. The planted grass decorates the whole garden. It is thick and soft with rich green color. There are bushes that are planted sparsely within the garden perimeter. You can see a huge rock which you can sit on beside a tall tree. There is also a stone monument that you would find in various Japanese temples.

You can also try garden landscaping that incorporates fish pond. This is a very interesting take on Zen garden since it makes you feeling even closer to nature. You can cultivate carper or Koi fish in the pond. The fish will increase the feeling of movement within the garden. In this example, a statue of Buddha is also added to the garden. The pond is surrounded by vegetation and there is a wooden deck on which you can perch on and enjoy the scenery.

Some Zen gardens also add sandy area into the landscape composition. Interestingly, some designers would add certain patterns to the sandy area. The patterns have their own specific meanings. The contrast between vegetation and sandy space creates nice feeling to the garden. Hopefully, these samples will inspire you to try on garden landscaping in your own space.

Image Source: Pinterest.com

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