8+ Comfortable Kitchens from German Maker Poggenpohl Ideas

Speaking about designs of German kitchens, Poggenpohl is always on the top list of discussions. The customary design ideas that he collaborated with Hadi Teherani, an eminent German engineer, has been the talk of the town in the country. The revolutionary kitchen design offers a new cooking and living style that is not unprecedented before. The kitchen design itself will make it possible for you to combine your need for home cooking with your daily way of life. Poggenpohl focuses on creating a kitchen design that will allow you to enjoy a different cooking experience. Things like a front room or open cooking space are common to find in Poggenpohl’s design.

The designs of German kitchens by Poggenpohl are high-quality, precise, and sleek. If you want to apply Poggenpohl’s kitchen design to your home, you might need to consider installing freestanding or wall-mounted workstations. This will provide you with larger cooking space, much for your comfort. Not only that, but Poggenpohl also mainly focuses to provide you with a highly functional cooking space and it is all about developing high-tech.

In this way, functional appliances with the best and most efficient technologies are also the main concern of the designer. Another great thing about the kitchen designs made by Poggenpohl is that it comes with fine materials and clean lines. The handle-less cabinet systems offered, will make it possible for you to put everything from ingredients kitchen utensils on your reach.

German kitchens designed by Poggenpohl are all about combining natural materials, warm colors, and polished technology. The wooden or high-gloss cabinets used in the design come with horizontal grains. They seamlessly mixed with sleek surfaces that will make your kitchen looks more elegant and highly sophisticated. The kitchen designs offered by Poggenpohl can be developed and customized to meet your personal vision about a functional and comfortable cooking space.

Image Source : pinterest.com

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